Commercial Client Referrals:

Reneu Carpet has done amazing work for us for about 7 years. Jeff Hale is the son in law of the owner of the company. The very first time that we met Jeff, we were impressed with his professionalism, his attention to detail and his quick manner of getting things taken care of for us. There have been a few times over the years where we had one of those crazy emergency carpet clean situations:  Old tenant moving out, immediately followed by new tenant moving in and Reneu got the job done with great speed and even occasionally did work for us on a Saturday. Now we like our Saturdays too, so this was wonderful for us to have a company not concerned about missing part of their time off and working to help out our company when we are in a jam like this. I have seen work that other carpet cleaning companies have done, with awful stains still in the carpet that they said could not come out. Jeff has managed to get out many stains that others cannot. And if a stain finds its way back up through the pad, he goes back to do a touch up. We also put in all our leases that the tenant is not to have the carpets cleaned at move out as we prefer to use our company, RENEU CARPET to take care of the carpets at that time. We feel so confident with this company that we have given Jeff a full set of our key for the Key System and we tell him which key number it is for that property so he can get the carpets done ASAP. They get their billing invoices to us quickly as we need to get a copy to the tenant moving before we return the remainder of their security deposit. Both Jeff and Brian (Owner) have gone to great lengths over the years to a fabulous job for us and we constantly give their cards to other people with our good word for the company. I do not know what else to say except we will not use any other carpet company under any circumstances.

Butch and Marsha Bane
Owners Bane Properties


Dear Bryan,

Words cannot express adequately how I feel about your friendship and your incredible work ethic. I would mention how long we have been “working” together, but then I would reveal my age and I am not prepared to do that just yet.

Today is my last working day at Nueces Bend and Frio Crossing as I am retiring after many years in apartment management industry. I have met many good and great people, some of them became friends and you Bryan with Tina and Jeff at your side most definitely fit in the “great” category. Your work is exceptional, your attitude is always so refreshingly positive, the prices are reasonable and there is no carpet company in this town or state that can hold a candle to ya’ll and it has been my pleasure to have recommended your services to many of my friends and colleagues.

I am wishing you all the very best in your personal and professional future and I feel blessed to have made your acquaintances.

Thanking you for everything.


Katarina Clark
Properties supervisor
National Church Residences


Residential Client Referral:

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for doing such a great job cleaning our carpet at ***02 Oak Briar. We feel confident that a buyer will walk through the doors and appreciate the freshly cleaned carpets!

Have a great San Antonio Day!

Yvette De Sanctis